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19 Barrington Close
South Gloucestershire
BS15 4QD

Telephone:  0117 9048 425


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If you wish to be a volunteer, we will be pleased to meet you and receive your help for our day to day needs running our charity. Plus if you can add any personal life skills, we will be eager to know how you can contribute even more to our charity. Please tick the box(es) below relevant to you :-

Coach/van driving Sports instruction experience NHS or Care experience Mechanical Cooking Childcare/parenting Youth work Financial Admin/office work IT Decorating Cleaning Gardening Electrical Customer services Mentoring Walking/delivering publications,leaflets Local history/knowledge Shop work/handling money Health and Beauty 

If you wish to receive any of our publications from our charity listing local events, fundraising and/or information, please tick box(es) below…

Welcome pack Older people services Welfare support Fund raising Mentoring Befriending Employment support Children/Young people activities Local events Family support Training Newsletter Volunteering